Get Through Crisis With More Passion, Power and Inspiration – The Good Men Project

Get Through Crisis With More Passion, Power and Inspiration – The Good Men Project

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It often takes a major crisis for a man to be willing to ask for or get help. Today’s Man Alive podcast guest helps men through challenges and to find the surprising possibilities that open up on the other side, including more passion, power and inspiration. 

At some point, every man (and human) goes through a challenging time or crisis. If you’re lucky it only happens once. For many of us though, there are many breaking points. Life can be painful and even unbearable at times.

If you can hang in there, on the other side of crisis is often a re-awakening or a re-enlivening. 

Sometimes it comes in the form of a reckoning — a clarity of who you are and what matters to you, where there had been confusion and self-doubt.

Sometimes it comes in the form of connection, where there had been isolation.

When my kid was only one and I was going through a divorce there were some brutal moments. I cried and grieved for years. But I also found my heart more open than it had ever been. My mind gained clarity and I could see beyond fantasies, expectations and what I thought I should do, or what made me good.

Tim Wade, a men’s coach, facilitator and creator of the Defuse the Divorce Bomb course, has gone through his own pain and struggle and has come out the other side to guide men through theirs, especially their relationship challenges.

In our Man Alive Podcast conversation we discussed:

  • The power of integrating strength and heart in masculinity, even when it seems like a paradox
  • How to rediscover your mojo(It tends to be buried, not broken)
  • What it takes to pop out of bed in the morning “like a piece of toast,” inspired and alive
  • What it takes to create your circumstances, rather than being at the effect of life
  • How major crises are a doorway to possibilities for an amazing life, connections and community

In his previous life, Tim Wade was a successful (that means working!) actor, director and writer in the entertainment industry working for Disney, Universal, Paramount, NBC, and many others.

However, since he has also been deeply involved in the world of personal growth and transformation with such groups as Landmark Education, The Pathways Institute, and Insight Seminars over the last 25 years, becoming a professional life and business coach was a natural step after leaving the limelight.

But it was his unexpected divorce that lit a fire under him to help other men like himself to not only navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of relationships, but become the best version of themselves they can be.

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